Resources for Learning Web Development (JavaScript, jQuery)

Assuming you have some working knowledge of HTML and CSS, then learning to program behaviours into web pages requires learning JavaScript, and here's resources I've looked into to help you learn JavaScript programming:

eBooks and paper Books
By "books", I mean "Bound Optimally Organized Knowledge". It's organized for structured learning and completeness.

Books I've looked into (literally) and would give at least a 4 out of 5 stars for:
Books that look promising based on the "cover" only:
  1. jQuery Fundamentals
  2. Web Development Recipes 
  3. Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming
  4. MDN: JavaScript Guide
Interactive Tutorials
Tutorials are organized for structured learning, often in a hands-on manner, but usually leaves gaps in knowledge.  Interactive tutorials have a turn-based prompting mechanics to it.


Transferring a Canadian domain to Namecheap from Go Daddy for a Blogger custom domain

There's been a lot of recent news about Go Daddy's missteps in terms of the SOPA legislation in the USA.  I'm in Canada, but I can't help but also notice the Go Daddy business and political policies aren't terribly aligned with the business and political policies of my business practice.  Plus Go Daddy's services are focused on the up-sell than actually servicing my business needs, so I decided to transfer my domains from Go Daddy to Namecheap.

Here's the short of how I transferred the domain of this blog from Go Daddy to Namecheap, and how I had to reset things for Blogger custom domain to continue to work.

Note that doing this will cause a bit of down time for your domain name!


Passing Giants

Here's a list of deaths I find notable:

David Rumelhart - 1942 Jun 12 to 2011 Mar 13
- Pioneer in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and connectionist artificial neural networks

Jack Layton - 1950 Jul 18 to 2011 Aug 22
- Leader of the NDP, the Official Opposition of Canada

Steve Jobs - 1955 Feb 24 to 2011 Oct 5
- Co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. and NeXT Inc., and CEO of Pixar Animation Studios

Dennis Ritchie - 1941 Sep 9 to 2011 Oct 12
- Creator of the C programming language, and co-creator of UNIX

John McCarthy - 1927 Sep 4 to 2011 Oct 24
- Pioneer in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and creator of the Lisp programming language