Lynda.com for learning computing science as high school students: a review

Recently, I had a chance to spend some time reviewing Lynda.com's offerings on various computing science topics.  The review here is geared towards using Lynda.com with high school students as the target audience.  I thought I'd share a few observations.

Lynda.com is ok for what it is, that is, as a quick introduction to topics for what seems to be its intended audience of busy professionals working in the field.  At least I think that's their target audience.

For high school students, however, especially for beginner, intermediate, or even middle to lower level advanced high school students, Lynda.com's offerings for computing science topics are simply inadequate, missing curricular connections, and uses pedagogy ill-fitting for students in the high school age range.  That's not really a bad thing for Lynda.com, as I don't think high school students are their target audience at all.