Ubuntu UNR: Upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04

Well that was fast. I install 9.10 one day, and the next 10.04 comes out. Going to Update Manager in the administration control panels to upgrade was easy. No hassle at all. Everything was working.

And I find out that encrypted home folder support has been added in, so going to Users and Groups to add a new user now has a check-box option to enable encryption!

Still no ultra easy way to migrate an existing home folder to an encrypted home folder, but hey, this is progress.

At least when you add a user, you can enable encrypted home there, rather than having to go to the command line.  Still, some old references may be useful in case you want to go to the command line, or to learn how to migrate an existing home over:

Ubuntu’s Encrypted Home Directory: A Canonical Approach to Data Privacy

Jaunty Encrypted Home Directories

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