Obscure and often used emacs key bindings

Nowadays I juggle programming Clojure in emacs on Ubuntu, and C++ in Visual Studio on Windows.  Despite using what emacs key bindings I can in Visual Studio, I still have to keep track of two very different text editors.

So I'm going to start collecting some emacs key bindings I often use here that are, well, obscure:

Formatting text:

C-M-\ for applying auto-indenting on a marked region
M-q for applying auto-hard-line-breaking on a marked region

Using registers:

C-x r s n for copying text in marked region into register n, for n between 0 - 9 (and apparently other single ascii char, but I'm not sure).
C-x r r n for copying text in marked rectangular region into register n.
C-x r i n for inserting text from register n to current point (be it rectangular or otherwise).

C-x r SPC n for copying the current point/location in the file into register n.
C-x r j n for jumping to the point/location in the file saved into register n.

(See also Registers and Bookmarks.)

In paredit mode:

C-u del or C-u C-d to force the deletion of a character (without paren matching getting in the way)
C-q x for arbitrary character x will force insert the character x (without paren matching getting in the way)

That's all for now.


Ray Vega said...

Since you use both Emacs and Visual Studio, have you tried Emacs keybindings in VS using either the VS Emacs scheme or XKeymacs?

blogger said...

Yes, I do use the VS Emacs scheme. But VS doesn't have Paredit, which I use in Emacs to make programming in lisp sane.

Paredit has some initially quirky keybindings that I have to remember, hence this post.

XKeymacs looks good, but apparently doesn't completely work on Win 7 64 bit. Thanks for letting me know of it though. I'll have to keep an eye on that one.