Command line utilities missing from Mac OS X

Here I am setting up my Mac so that I can do Clojure programming as I did on my other Ubuntu Linux computer and what do I find?  Loads of missing command line utilities I didn't know I used.

I'm using Fink as the package manager for unix/linux stuff here as it's what I'm used to using from years ago, and it seems okay, excerpt on Mac OS X 10.6 they don't have the binaries pre-built yet I guess.  So I'm compiling all kinds of stuff from scratch.

So here's a partial listing of the programs missing or seriously outdated on the default Mac install that I got through Fink.  Some of them are a little oudated in Fink too though, and installing these will install a slew of other useful things along with it.

  • watch
  • clamav
  • emacs
  • srm
  • git
  • gcc
  • ghostscript

Also, I needed LaTeX.  It's best to get that through MacTex though (don't bother with the i-Installer stuff you might find elsewhere).

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