WikiLeaks could've saved Jack Bauer a lot of trouble

Not a big or very deep observation, but the whole story plot of the latter half of the most recent season (8) of the TV show, 24, shows Jack Bauer going through a lot of pain and trouble that he could've avoided had he been using the internet.

Jack had some incriminating video on a cell phone that he needed to show to the world to prove some other implausible plot point.  He goes through a lot of pain, gun shot wounds, etc, to try to get that to the mainstream media.

But why didn't he just upload the video onto YouTube, WikiLeaks, etc?  He could've saved the world with 30 minutes of work.  Less if he got his friend Chloe to do that (and why didn't she, the computer hacker guru, figure to do that herself?).

I realized it's fun to watch Jack go through all the challenges of fighting "the system" with guns and snipers, but really, 30 minutes on a computer could've done the same thing.  How the world has changed with globally networked computers...

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