Learning Java for first time programmers

I'm designing a course for first time programmers to learn Java.  Here are some useful resources I found that I like:

Interactive Tutorials
  1. Introduction to Computer Science using Java (Bradley Kjell)

Lecture Notes
  1. Introduction to Programming in Java (MIT OCW)

  1. Think Java: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Allen B. Downey) - suitable for AP Computer Science, so suitable for younger students
  2. Introduction to Programming Using Java, Sixth Edition (David J. Eck) - link not working for me right now but I've heard good things about it
  3. Introduction to Programming in Java (Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne) - contains case studies connected to real scientific or business uses, but means requires students to have a more advanced math background more suitable for 2nd+ year university undergrad students.
  4. AP Computer Science A (Dec 31 2019 edition)  (Roselyn Teukolsky) - fantastic study and review book for Java, especially for studying for the College Board AP Computer Science A exam.  I've used this book in its various yearly editions before and can say this book is really good.

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