TrueCrypt on Mac installs old version of FUSE: use OSXFUSE instead

Not much more to say than that TrueCrypt up to and including version 7.1a for Macs installs an old version of FUSE, namely MacFUSE.  Instead, you should use OSXFUSE instead.

This really only applies if you intend to use FUSE for other applications or purposes besides TrueCrypt, and those other applications requires a newer version of FUSE than provided by the old MacFUSE.  If all you use FUSE for is TrueCrypt, then don't worry about it; TrueCrypt works fine with the old MacFUSE.

OSXFUSE (2.6.0 at time of writing) is the successor to MacFUSE, which is no longer maintained and should be considered outdated.

Make sure to install the MacFUSE compatibility layer when installing OSXFUSE (you may have to choose this explicitly under custom install within the installer).

Also make sure to not install MacFUSE within the TrueCrypt installer by un-selecting it explicitly under custom install within the installer.  If TrueCrypt was originally installed with MacFUSE, just download the MacFUSE installer separately, and use the uninstaller within the installation disk image.

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