Firefox 23 removed Advanced JavaScript Settings: how to get them back

The all new Firefox 23.0 removed a bunch of old features, including the blink tag. Most people won't care, because they are old features or, by now, reserved only for really advanced users. Things like the Advanced JavaScript Settings were removed along with the ability to disable JavaScript in general.

It makes sense given that nowadays, JavaScript is a given for basically all web apps. But strangely the Advanced JavaScript Settings features were removed from the Preferences window, which I liked using to fine-tune what I want disabled (because the vast majority of JavaScript is fine with me).

Specifically, there were five options. For now, the features are still there, but hidden in the about:config options screen (type "about:config" as the URL to see it).  Here are the about:config equivalent of the now hidden Advanced JavaScript Settings:
 Enjoy the new Firefox!

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