Photo album sync fail on iPad with Mac

I'm not usually one to blog complaints about products, but this seems outrageous.  Using the built-in Photo app on an iPad, I've got a bunch of photos organized into albums.  You can download the photos to a Mac in a mass download using the Mac's Image Capture program, or using Mac's iPhoto.  You can backup the iPad's Photo and albums using iTunes, but the backups are inaccessible on the Mac as albums, photos, or files, just pure backup to be reloaded to an iPad in case of "emergency" I guess.  But you cannot download the photo albums to the Mac from the iPad for further use or organization.

Apparently, you cannot download photo albums created on any iOS devices to a Mac for further use or organization at all, and it's been this way since forever.  There is a third-party app called "Phone View" that reportedly can let you do this.

But really?  A simple feature like syncing albums in an Apple built-in app requires a third-party solution?  And it's not obvious when using the beautifully created Apple Photo app on the iPad that album sync was not possible, luring unsuspecting users into creating albums that could not be synced.

This is an especially sad situation for users on iPads or other iOS devices on which they don't have access to install apps.  Where does that ever happen?  Well, corporate and school based usage comes to mind.

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