My app uses only java.base, but actually jdeps missed the jdk.crypto.cryptoki module!

I was building a small app and I purposely used only the java.base module.  That way when I build a custom Java Runtime for it, I can build the smallest possible runtime with jlink.

Java's jdeps lets you know which module your app depends on, and it said my app only uses the java.base module. 

Build the runtime with jlink and run my app with it and oops, an error having to do with cryptoki.

Turns out jdeps made a mistake and did not identify the jdk.crypto.cryptoki module!

I suspect my use of the java.net.URI class was to blame, as it was used to access an https URL.

Anyway, if you purposely depend only on the java.base module, but also use the URI class, note that it may actually also depend on the jdk.crypto.cryptoki module!

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