"As the science scandals keep coming"...

The subtitle to The great global warming collapse (from The Globe and Mail) is:
As the science scandals keep coming, the air has gone out of the climate-change movement.
That is an example of the very point I made in Tarnishing Science:
It's concerning when I hear people mock or ridicule climate science research as "climate science" rather than as a "climate pseudo-science".  It's concerning because it suggests, to those who don't spend time looking carefully [2] at the situation, that it's not just climate science that has problems, it's that science — all of it — has problems.
Sure, The Globe and Mail article's hits are specifically delivered to climate science, but fairly or not, I'm afraid the lasting damage will be to the image of all sciences. It certainly will be that way for those who are, or who are leaning in the direction of, anti-scientific or anti-intellectual thinking.

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